20 questions to test your compatibility with the Quran

1. Do you believe in environmental conservation?

2. If God exists, do you believe there can only be one God?

3. Do you believe there is only one true religion rather than elements of truth in many religions?

4. Do you believe in "Original Sin", i.e. a child carries the sins of another into this world?

5. Do you think the law of requital is fair, i.e. equivalence: what good you do will be given back to you (in the next life if there is one), what bad you do will be given back to you (in the next life if there is one)?

6. Do you think women should fully cover their body in terms of their dress?

7. Do you believe if God exists, only God can forgive sins? For example, no intermediaries can forgive sins, unlike confession in Catholicism.

8. Do you believe victims of crimes and/or their families should have a say in the penalty for such crimes?

9. Do you believe in certain circumstances the death penalty could be warranted?

10. "Be the change you want to see in the world."

11. Do you believe humans collectively have a natural instinct towards what is right and what is wrong?

12. Do you feel that many of those considered prophets/messengers (if they existed), e.g. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad delivered the same basic message of oneness of God, oneness of mankind and doing good deeds?

13. Do you believe that there is a purpose for our existence?

14. Do you believe that mutual consultation should play a part in resolving the issues of the people?

15. Would you like a belief system which clearly states how it proves itself?

16. Do you agree with the following: Actions speak louder than Words?

17. "Faith not supported by reason and empirical evidence is wishful thinking"

18. Do you think the harm caused by alcohol/intoxicants is greater than their benefits?

19. Do you think freedom of speech and freedom of belief/religion is a fundamental right?

20. Do you believe it is an individual's duty to distribute some of their wealth to the needy and promote social welfare?

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