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4) The Autobiography of Malcolm X

5) What Everyone Should Know About Islam and Muslims

6) No God But God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam

Recommended books:

1) Exploring Islam in a New Light: An Understanding from the Quranic Perspective

2) Understanding Quran: Themes and Style

3) The Message of the Quran: The Full Account of the Revealed Arabic Text Accompanied by Parallel Transliteration (Hardback)

4) Rethinking Tradition in Modern Islamic Thought

5) Faith and Reason in Islam: Averroes' Exposition of Religious Arguments

6) Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur'an

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This 20 questions quiz was based on the content of The Quran. The goal was to provide a quick and easy way to check your compatibility with what it says.

"Al Quran" (as it is known in Arabic) means "The Reading" or "The Recitation" when translated in English. It forms the basis of Islam.

islam means self-surrender and comes from the verb aslama meaning: to give over, i.e. to surrender oneself or to make peace (to God). These are its most common meanings.

Muslims believe The Quran to be the Word of God, and the final divine revelation to mankind. The core theme throughout it is monotheism: belief in the oneness and uniqueness of God, the source from which all of creation originates and the source we will all return to. This concept is closely related to a recognition of unity and oneness amongst all things with regard to purpose and direction, and when we become in harmony with our true state of being, like how every component in the universe serves the whole, i.e. God, we can be said to be in the state of islam: we self-surrender or make peace.

The original Quran is in Arabic, however it has been translated into many languages. If you would like to read or study more of it, a website resource has been set up for this purpose.

You can read translations in many different languages, search The Quran by word, verse or browse by topic, listen to translations in mp3 and much more:

If you would like to educate yourself about the real islam, you might be surprised at what you learn here:

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